Photographs from the Cross Country fixture
at Astley Park, Chorley, 10th December 2011

General view of the tented area with Senior Men running at the edge of the field
Start of the Under 11 Girls' race with Astley Hall in the background
The Under 11 Girls emerge from the boggy stream
Under 11 Girls finishing
Start of the Under 11 Boys' race
Under 11 Boys head down into the bog
Winner of Under 11 Boys' race
Start of Under 13 Girls' race
1st and 2nd in the Under 13 Girls' race
Other Under 13 Girls finishing
Under 13 Boys / Under 15 Girls head off their race
Under 13 Boys / Under 15 Girls in Great Wood
Under 13 Boys in Great Wood
Under 15 Boys in Great Wood
and crossing the stream
Under 17 Men start their race
Leading Under 17 Men attack the final hill
Under 17 Men's winner
Senior Women at the start of their race
Senior Women early on in their race
Senior Women face the steep incline up feom Great Wood
Start of the Senior Men's race
Senior men turn in to the top field lap
Leading Senior Men emerge from the small lap on a difficult camber
More Senior Men
Bare-footed Barrow runner leads group up the steep incline from Great Wood
Cresting the hill with a final lap to go