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Under 11s were formally admitted to the League from the 2015/16 season after races were initially put on for them by host clubs. At the time, Under 11s had grown to become the largest Junior age group in terms of participation.
Then, from the 2016-17 season, Member Clubs were able to count their 2nd claim runners within their teams. Previously, the League counted 1st claim runners only with many 2nd claim runners running as guests.

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Bib numbers were introduced from the 2001/02 season. Previously, individual runners were identified by the traditional method of allocating numbered tokens at the end of the Finish funnel.
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With effect from the 1992/93 season, Minor Girls and Colts were reclassified as Under 13s, Girls and Boys (or Juniors) became Under 15s and Inter Girls and Youths became Under 17s. However, Under 17 Women ran in a Under 20 Women's race, a category only introduced in 1991, and had to wait until the 2000/01 season to get their own separate race.
A Divisional structure was introduced for Snr Men and Snr Women from the 1999/2000 season.
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Guest runners were allowed to run for the first time in the 1984/85 season at a cost of £1 per race. Inter Girls continued to ran with the Senior Women until the 1985/86 season.
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With effect from the 1969/70 season, the League provided races for Women and Girls. Previously, there were only races for Senior Men and Boys. Initially, there were two races for Under 14s and Over 14s. From September 1971, Fillies (U12G) ran with Girls (U14) over 3 kms. Inter Girls (U16) ran with Senior Women (all O16) over 4 kms.
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From the 1954/55 season, the number of fixtures increased from 3 to 5. Initially a League for Senior Men, Boys started to appear in the results from 1957.
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The League was suspended during WWII. The first race post-war was held at Preston in freezing conditions on 22nd March 1947, with the league re-commencing in the following Autumn. Whilst an increasingly successful league, senior numbers were depressed in the late '40s and '50s as young men were conscripted for National Service.
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The 1st Mid Lancs Cross Country race was run at Ashton, from the headquarters of Preston Harriers, in 1931.
For many years, the running course was marked by a paper trail
which could - and did - cause difficulty in windy conditions. Courses were a mixture of road and country over 6 - 8 miles,
Senior Men only, contesting the Meyler Cup. From the beginning, the league operated without limit on the number of competitors, the first 6 counting for their club's team. Team standings were and still are, based on adding up the finish positions of counting runners.
The early members of the league were the three Lancaster clubs of Lancaster H & AC, Lancaster Freehold Harriers and Primrose Harriers together with Clayton Harriers, Leyland Motors AC, Preston H&AC and Rossendale Harriers.

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